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Shea butter, jojoba wax, hempseed oil, aloe vera, french lavender oil, green tea infused apricot kernel oil, elderberry extract, & other plant based ingredients. This botanical organic cream comes in an attractive carry pouch, eco-friendly glass jar, and is made with all plant based ingredients.


Exceptionally rich and moisturizing, this organic raw Shea butter, Jojoba wax, and Hempseed oil based day cream is infused with relaxing and soothing scents of organic lavender essential oil.

• Lavender oil is proven to boost blood circulation, which leads to more oxygen in our body and healthier cells. The anti inflammatory properties of lavender also make it perfect for soothing and healing red, irritated skin, and reducing eye puffiness as well as fading dark spots and circles. The benefits of lavender are endless! It has also been shown to reduce anxiety and aids in better sleep quality.

• Jojoba wax is considered a super food for the skin, as it works alongside your skin’s own sebum making it a great oil for all skin types. It absorbs into your skin quickly to keep it nourished and glowing.

• Hempseed oil has omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which encourage skin growth and new cell generation.

At Simpli by Simmi we commit to using only raw, unprocessed organic butters and oils - including our raw unrefined African Shea butter, prized for its moisturizing and soothing qualities. We use only the best and sustainably grown ingredients

Day Moisturizing Cream

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